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Infographics – Pt 2

This was created for New Ecologix, LLC right here in Lakewood. They wanted to showcase their work process / sustainability solutions. Another fun one, looking forward to more! The full infographic is on their website, take a look:  

NEO Realty

  Northeast Ohio Realty was looking for a capabilities piece to use as a stand-alone marketing brochure, or to be used in conjunction with some of their other collateral (IE property spec sheets). This brochure was created with the idea of flexibility in mind, along with the ability to update it easily.

The Four P’s of Procurement – Corporate United

  So my lame excuse to not posting any new work in waaaay too long is that 2014 was a very, very busy year for us. I know, it’s no excuse, but better late than never! Corporate United recently published this notable piece called “The Four P’s of Procurement.” I designed 24 pages of procurement goodness, to be used in …


COSE update recently printed an infographic I created. The goal was to recap the 2014 calendar year with all of the great accomplishments by the small business advocate. If you missed it, it’s in the Jan 2015 issue, that can be viewed here (direct link to come soon!).