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Lakewood Wine & Craft Beer Fest

Here is a logo for the an upcoming event put together by the great folks at Lakewood Alive. This brand-new event, The Lakewood Wine & Craft Beer Festival, takes place downtown Lakewood on Saturday, September 28, and we are busy getting ready. We worked on the logo and promotional materials for this event, giving it a refined but earthy feel. …

Safety Controls Technology

We are just about to wrap up a number of projects with our new client, SCT (Safety Controls Technology). They specialize in workplace safety training and education, and were looking to freshen up their image. We started with a logo: Keeping with their existing color palette and concept, we revamped their existing logo for an updated look. Previous logo is …

Honeycomb Salon Logo

A new hair salon called Honeycomb is opening in the W 65th area of Cleveland. We created a logo for the new venture, looking forward to checking out the new place too!

COSE Event Logo

Another fun project we worked on was creating an event logo and identity for an upcoming workshop for worker’s compensation put on by COSE. The idea was to brand the program and event with a look that will be carried through for all the materials moving forward. With the use of little illustrated icons, we created a piece of artwork …

Got an idea? And a business based in the arts?

Then contact the COSE Arts Network for more details on the Arts Business Challenge and how to win some cash to help boost your arts business! Here’s a sneak peek at the event logo that we recently hammered out. We’re currently working on more great stuff — including event signage, an invitation, and other promotional materials. Stay tuned!


Sorry for the hiatus! Busy doing client work, as you can understand. We’ve got a lot of great projects coming up for the fall and winter, so check back soon for updates! In the meantime, here is a logo that was recently completed for the rebranding of LEAP, an non-profit organization that helps disabled folks with finding employment and other …