Artist Entrepreneur Institute Marketing Materials for COSE

Every now and again and opportunity comes up where I get reacquainted with my old friends, pen and paper. I usually sketch ideas out, but you never see those, only the finished product. This time around I was lucky enough to work on a series of marketing materials through COSE for the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute, which is Cleveland’s award-winning business training course for literary, media, performing and visual artists. So I thought, hey, what better way to advertise that than with an illustration to really drive home that “art” vibe. I started out sketching the old-fashioned way, then brought it into illustrator where I noodled and doodled. I’m showing here the original black + white art (below), and also with color added, which is how it appeared on the postcard, poster and ads.


  • Stumbled across your artwork (fabulous!) while looking for an illustration defining the difference between an artist and a businessman. I’m currently working on a blog piece that will define the difference. Any chance I could use the image in my blog? Sure would appreciate the opportunity!

    BEST to you,

    -Bob Hoebeke

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! You can site/refer to the artwork in your article as long as you credit it properly. It would be great if you could link back to my site too. Would appreciate it! Please let me know.

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