Art Speaks, Posters Yell


The Fall Kickoff event for AIGA Cleveland is coming up fast! Art Chantry, a legendary rock poster designer, will be speaking at Windows on the River September 24th. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mike Burton of Little Jacket on this poster advertising the event. He wanted to obviously have the design be relevant to Art’s work, but also be a little playful in regards to our event. We went through a few ideas and landed here.  I then took his established design elements and applied them to the back of the poster. Yay teamwork. Big thanks to Mike for all his hard work.

Unfortunately, the JPG of this poster on your screen doesn’t so it justice. We screen printed a florescent ink over the black for a really nice  effect, but it just doesn’t translate digitally. Jakprints here in Cleveland graciously donated the printing for this piece, as they are one of our sponsors. They did a fantastic job, it came out great. They also put it on their blog to showcase the process. Very cool– Thanks guys!

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