Ad Campaign for Northeast Ohio Media Group

Here’s a series of ads we’ve worked on with Northeast Ohio Media Group. Their vertical marketing campaign was calling both for online and print use for real estate, jobs, and auto. We wanted to keep the look and feel consistent throughout all three campaigns, while targeting the messaging for the different demographics of their wide audience.

Auto-Ads-upgrade-300x250 Auto-Ads-baby-300x250 NEOM-1501-Real-Estate-Concept-1-digital-ads5 NEOM-1501-Real-Estate-Concept-1-digital-ads6 NEOM-1403 Recruitment briefcase 300x250 NEOM-1403 Recruitment suit 300x250 NEOM-1501-Real-Estate-Concept-2-digital-ads4 NEOM-1501-Real-Estate-Concept-1-digital-ads4 NEOM-1501-Real-Estate-Concept-2-digital-ads3

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