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The Oak Barrel

We recently collaborated with a longtime friend and colleague, Chroma Design, to create wall graphics for the Oak Barrel down in Independence, Ohio. So great to work with old friends on something a bit out of the ordinary. We created several different pieces of spot art to be placed all around the restaurant, and a big mural for the entryway. …

CLE Merch!

We recently partnered with Banyan Tree in Tremont, Ohio to create a few pieces of merch to show our Cleveland pride. The illustration of our lovely city was created in-house (by hand–the old fashioned way). And we are thrilled to report that these items are selling like hotcakes!

Infographic fun

It’s good to change things up once in a while, and with this project we dabbled in the fine art of creating infographics. Since the flyer was about transportation, it lent itself to an illustrative approach to convey the information. Would love the opportunity to do this again!

Artist Entrepreneur Institute Marketing Materials for COSE

Every now and again and opportunity comes up where I get reacquainted with my old friends, pen and paper. I usually sketch ideas out, but you never see those, only the finished product. This time around I was lucky enough to work on a series of marketing materials through COSE for the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute, which is Cleveland’s …