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Marketing Collateral

Ad Campaign for Northeast Ohio Media Group

Here’s a series of ads we’ve worked on with Northeast Ohio Media Group. Their vertical marketing campaign was calling both for online and print use for real estate, jobs, and auto. We wanted to keep the look and feel consistent throughout all three campaigns, while targeting the messaging for the different demographics of their wide audience.

NEO Realty

  Northeast Ohio Realty was looking for a capabilities piece to use as a stand-alone marketing brochure, or to be used in conjunction with some of their other collateral (IE property spec sheets). This brochure was created with the idea of flexibility in mind, along with the ability to update it easily.

The Four P’s of Procurement – Corporate United

  So my lame excuse to not posting any new work in waaaay too long is that 2014 was a very, very busy year for us. I know, it’s no excuse, but better late than never! Corporate United recently published this notable piece called “The Four P’s of Procurement.” I designed 24 pages of procurement goodness, to be used in …

Corporate United Sales Pieces

So part of the reason that we haven’t been diligently updating our digital portfolio here is that we’ve been somewhat consumed with plenty of work from Corporate United. While of course we only have ourselves to blame, these great folks have definitely been keeping us busy little bees! Here’s just a few of the projects we’ve been working on….. (All …